Frogstock is a crazy festival that happens in a field in East Anglia each summer.

It started in 1995 with 5 teenager with a tent and some beer listening to Nirvana on a cassette player in a field in Norfolk. It was good fun they told their friends and 10 years later hundreds of people were coming to the festival which now had 6 stages, parking and toilets. The festival has no budget, friends and neighbors lend equipment and musicians and performers play for free because they love it.

As the festival got bigger and more money inevitably got involved we began to wonder why we did it? Did we want this to be the next Glastonbury? Not really. Frogstock was a response to the commercial festivals where you pay loads of money for tickets and once you get in you can only buy the promoter’s brand of dirty larger and only listen to the bands that sell loads of records and pull big crowds. We wanted to create our own festival where we could put on our own kind of entertainment and drink nice beer. Out in the Norfolk countryside there was nobody about to tell us what we shouldn’t be doing so we could make our own rules.

We want to establish a new kind of space for performers that don’t quite fit into the conventional spaces of art galleries, comedy clubs, music venues or burlesque cabaret, yet still have something they want to offer an audience. We draw artists, musicians and entertainers with a disregard for what music and entertainment is supposed to be. Some moments will be profound, some moments will be funny and some moments will just be rubbish.